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The Association of Social Protection Professionals in Serbia is a professional, social-humanitarian organization based on the free association of natural and legal persons from the public, private and NGO sectors. The purpose of its foundation is to protect and improve the rights and services in the areas of social welfare, social work and social policy, respecting and promoting accountability, openness, transparency and gender representation in the professional work.

The Association is founded in 1994 to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards, and to advance social policies.

The Association publishes two expert journals quarterly: "News" and “Social Policy”.


Aims and tasks

The Association is contributing to the development and improvement of all activities, questions and problems regarding social protection sector. Also, the Association introduces its members and the public with measures of social protection, roles, tasks and the importance of individual departments, agencies and institutions of social welfare system.  

Organizing assemblies, conferences, symposia, seminars, forums, study tours and other forms of professional development is one of the main Association’s tasks.

The Association determines and assigns proper recognition – awards to individuals, associations and institutions for contributing to the development and improvement of social protection in Serbia. The most important is that it discusses issues of particular interest to professionals in social protection, their financial position and social status.

The Associations priorities are to support professionals to deliver consistently high quality services, provide professionals with new ways to connect with service users, provide public with all relevant information about social care, and to assure transparency of the social protection sector and consequently responsibility of service providers.



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