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The Association’s purpose is to contribute to achieving a social justice through professional social work. Regarding this the Association is a publisher of professional books, guides and magazines that discuss policy and practice development, community organizing, social and community development, advocacy, teaching, and social and political research.


The Association is the publisher of the following books:


1.  “Social care in social protection institutions”, by Milorad Milovanović

2.  “Social Development and Planning”, by Professor Dr. Mira Lakićević

3.  “Social rehabilitation in homes for the elderly”, by MSc Lidija Kozarčanin

4.  “Fields of Social Work”, by Dr. Milorad Milovanović and Dr. Tomislav Krgović

5.  “The Law on Social Protection and Social Security of Citizens with commentary”, by Darinka Seratlić, Srboljub Stajić and Ružica Stojiljković

6.  “Development of Social Policy in Yugoslavia”, by Dr. Dragoslav Kočović

7.  “Informer on Social Protection in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”, edited by Slavka Lakićević and Dr. Tomislav Krgović


The Association is the co-financier of the following expert publications:


1.  “Introduction to the Theory of Social Work”, by David Howe, a translation of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade

2.  “Methods of the Group Social Work”, by Dr. Dušan Petrović and Dr. Tomislav Sedmak

3.  “An individual and family - the methods, techniques, and skills of social work”, by Dr. Ivan Vidanović

4.  “Social Work Vocabulary”, by Dr. Ivan Vidanović

5.  “Appendix to the history of social policy and social work”, by Dr. Tomislav Krgović


The Association publishes two professional journals quarterly that address challenging social work topics:


1.  “News” (Aktuelnosti)

2.  “Social Policy” (Socijalna politika), since 1946




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